Pool Sex

Winter is coming and we just closed the pool, not very happy I hate the cold and snow! But I have a few memories of the summer to reflecting on 🙂

This summer the hubby and I were relaxing in the pool listening to some music and drinking a few beers when he decided that the shorts had to come off I was hanging off the side of the pool in the deep end drinking my beer truly enjoying the beautiful day, when he came up behind me with his big hard cock. He started to rip off my bathing suit bottoms . We have a ledge all the way around our pool that you can sit on so he picked me up and placed me on that pushing forward and spreading my legs let me tell you he was so horny his hard cock had no problems finding it’s way into my really wet pussy and he gave a good thrust and we were going at it like teenagers, when my neighbour decided to pop his head over the fence. I had my back to him and he couldn’t really see into the pool we just looked like we were hugging really close..haha my hubby is still slowly moving in and out of me while the neighbour talked which seemed like forever and It was really hot having someone watching us who had no clue what we were up to.. let me tell you when he left the hubby was so turned on and couldn’t contain himself anymore he came so hard I thought he was going to pass out from the pleasure. That was an afternoon I will never forget and hopefully next summer we will have many more pool sex adventures can’t wait 😉 ..

Now that I got you and myself all hot and bothered check out the gallery below by clicking on the picture while I go and find the hubby 😉 enjoy your Thursday ladies Friday is almost here!

Sexy Art

Debbie and John are creating a new kind of “body art

Wives That Crave Black Meat

Kate's hubby couldn't wait to hold the camera and watch his sexy little wife get fucked nice and hard by a huge black cock. She started out by feeling his enormous package and then couldn't restrain herself and had to suck him off. He ate her juicy pussy for a while and then sunk his dark meat into her eagerly awaiting pussy. It was so hot to watch her cumming all over his cock while her hubby filmed it. Kate's hubby  loved watching him titty fuck her and then take a huge load of cum all over her pretty little face! 🙂


wifecravesblack10.jpg wifecravesblack11.jpg
wifecravesblack12.jpg wifecravesblack13.jpg
wifecravesblack14.jpg wifecravesblack15.jpg
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Every woman needs a good pussy licking every once in awhile.. I know I enjoy it very much. As women we are expected to give men good head, but how many men actually know how to give a woman pleasure by munching on there pussy’s..Sometimes its not the guys fault, we are to blame sometimes not always but sometimes yes..we don’t give him any feed back at what feels good so how is he to know..

So ladies you have to take measures into your own hands. Tell your man what feels good and what dosen’t, If you like something he is doing just tell him don’t be affraid to voice your opinion while he is down there giving you a good licking he will appreciate the feedback.

One little trick I know that gets me off everytime is While he is down there licking and sucking on your clit, have him insert his finger or thumb in your pussy, but not all the way in just maybe to the knuckle and rub upward with it towards your g-spot. as he is doing that have him pay special attention to your clit and use his tongue to swirl around it.. or get underneath the hood as they call it.. I guarantee you will be coming so hard you will be seeing stars. Unfortuantely Men learn alot of there “skills” by watching porn they mimic what they see on tv, so sometimes its not so bad to let them watch it once in awhile.. if your open minded watch it with them you will be so hot and wet.

PlayGirl Zeb Atlas

I have to admit I love to watch men masturbating there is something sensual about them touching themselves working there cocks up and down watching the sheer pleasure on there faces while their hands slide back and forth up and down caressing, stroking and then finally the eruption of hot cum as it shoots out of that oh so hard cock and lands on there hard stomach. ahhhhhhhh can’t help myself makes me so horny so does Zeb he is one hottie and he has rippling muscles all over especially the one in the middle. If you love sexy,scrumptious,ripped men your gonna love Playgirl because you know they only use those types of men of course they have nice big cocks too 😉 check em out at PLAYGIRL













Hand Job Tips and Tecniques

 for me the perfect guy is one that is in his 30's why? because they have learned how to please a woman by that age, they still have the ability to get a massive hard on, and they still have the stamina..hehe hey and some of them can even have multiple orgasms in a night…. like my b.f 🙂 .. Though the younger ones (under 25) are like eye candy to us older ladies..

There ya go gals just for you!!!


Hand jobs are a great way to pleasure your man. They can be used by themselves,
or while performing oral sex on your partner. Below is a listing of hand job techniques,
mostly gathered from alt.sex.faq. Although not necessary, it is better to perform
these using a lubricant.

With one hand, pull the shaft's skin toward the base and wrap the fingers of
this hand around the base to act as a cock ring. Using the other hand,
rhythmically pick various points along the shaft of the penis and squeeze
opposite sides of the penile shaft at these points, releasing pressure either
immediately or after only a brief period of time.

Rub the penis between both palms, as if rubbing two sticks together to
create fire. Be sure to use plenty of oil.

Glans Head Massage
Hold the penis in one hand with the head sticking up. Using the well-oiled
palm of your other hand, slowly and sensitively massage the glans head.
Reverse directions every once in a while.

Healing Stroke
With the penis resting on the man's stomach, take one hand and cup the
testicles. Then glide the heel of the palm of the other hand up and down
the underside of the penis.

Twist and Shout
Pull the skin of the penis toward the base with one hand.
With the other hand, corkscrew the penis. This can be done with the
thumb and first finger or with your entire grip.

Anvil Stroke
Start with one hand lightly grasping the top of the penis.
Then stroke the penis from the top, all the way to the bottom.
When you hit the bottom, release the penis. Meanwhile, bring
your other hand to the top of the penis and repeat

Place both of your hands side by side against his shaft like
a pair of bookends. Now push hard against his penis.
Then lift your hands up and down.

Turn the head of his penis like you're trying to open an oily doorknob.
Now try turning the other way. Repeat. This stroke is sometimes improved
by using the other hand to stretch the skin of the penis toward the base.

Remember ladies not every guy likes the same thing try out different methods

listen and watch for his reactions or better yet just ask him what he likes best

SSSH- Man In The Mirror


He comes to her in her only in her dreams…or so she thinks!

Play Girl

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Alana was the guest of honor, so we let her get the best of the treats. We had our servant of the day come in, and we loaded him up with fresh fruits and sweets. He had such a huge dick we just could not keep talking about it. Once we got it hard it was time for the fun to begin. The chocolate went on first then the lips. Alana said enough with this, slid her panties over and jumped on this young studs huge cock for a ride. We played with each other and ended with a plate full of strawberries with a special cream 😉 .


cfnm.jpg cfnm_02.jpg
cfnm_03.jpg cfnm_04.jpg
cfnm_05.jpg cfnm_06.jpg
cfnm_07.jpg cfnm_08.jpg
cfnm_09.jpg cfnm_10.jpg
cfnm_11.jpg cfnm_12.jpg


 These ladies are the boss and play with cock when and where they want! cum watch all the hottest videos of these women showing these hot young studs what women really want from them 🙂

The Garden Of Adam – Temptation

“Temptation” in the Garden of Adam, an erotic tale featuring Paul. The 1st part of a very erotic and tempting series. See the rest of the photos in the set and stay tuned for the 2 part of the series only in our member’s area.

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